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Our Company

Founded in 1927 when Orlando was just orange groves and open pastures, Loren Robertson planted the seeds for what would become one of the oldest and best 3PL providers in Florida... Read more


We own and operate two rail-served buildings totaling 226,000 square feet of space. Situated in the Silver Star industrial area of Orlando, with access to more than 2 million square feet of warehouse space, we can provide whatever flex space you need to handle anywhere from 10 to 10,000 pallets... Read more


RJW has teamed up with the best LTL and TL carriers to broker freight for you at the price and value you deserve. All partners are fully insured and required to meet strict safety and insurance
requirements...Read more

Value Added

We're proud to offer customized value added solutions to meet your changing demands. Each customer is different, and we will work to provide you a specific solution to your needs, providing you with the services you need when you need them, even during seasonal surge spikes... Read more